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From Fresh Flower Treatment to the Production of F Date:2012/2/3

Master Chi-ming had accumulated many years of clinical experience, and a wealth of understanding of human physiology and psychology. Over this time he had discovered that the real cause of many of his patients’ physical ailments, such as long-term back trouble, frozen shoulder, stomachaches, headaches, and insomnia, lay in their psychological state. Also, herbal treatments, although good for dealing with the physical discomfort, were of limited help for their psychological needs. He felt that something more was required, and started searching for a way to treat his patients’ physical, psychological and spiritual problems on a higher spiritual level.

When he looked back on his carefree childhood years living in the country, closer to nature, he remembered how liberated and joyful he had felt in mind and body. He recalled how one year he had returned home in the mountains to watch the Leonid meteor shower. Early the next morning, beside the building in front of his, he saw a magnolia that had been planted there some ten years before, in full flower, giving off a wonderful, clean fragrance. There were other flowers and plants around a lake there, such as the globe amaranth, the day lily, the cockscomb, balsam, and basil. Master Chi-ming, together with his wife, mother, and a group of students, strolled around the garden and the lake, looking at these plants, enjoying their beauty. It is this that got Master Chi-ming interested in studying the power of plant essences.

Master Chi-ming asked his mother and wife to help him test the flower essences, as they were naturally very sensitive to their effects. He gathered the flower essence energies, introduced them to their bodies’ electro-magnetic fields, and observed the behavior and effect of their energy along the meridians. He discovered that each plant resonated at its own specific frequency, and had an aura that could be used in the treatment of the body.

Walking up to the magnolias now, he found that the fragrance they were giving off had the power to clear one's head. He took some samples to study, and found out that when this flower essence was introduced to the heart, it was as if the heart was blossoming itself, opening up like a flower, and suddenly one would experience a moment of clarity. His investigations led him on to find out that this energy could be used to treat the heart meridian blocked as a result of depression, or for helping people who were keeping their feelings shut away as a reaction to psychological or spiritual trauma. With this essence, he could allow people to restore their psychological health, and once more open their hearts and minds to the outside world.

These plant essences clearly had a miraculous effect on people, and could be used to produce rapid transformations in people's physical and mental wellbeing. Master Chi-ming understood their potential for treating people, and bringing balance to their lives.

Once, as he was treating a patient who had suffered an amount of psychological trauma, Master Chi-ming decided that the best course of action was to use flower essences. He went to the florist's to purchase the flowers he needed, and carried out some tests on how to balance out the patient’s energy frequencies. The results of the tests were very satisfactory, and within the short space of a few minutes he was able to rectify the problem.

First of all, he had to make changes to the way he processed the flower essences, as plants bought from florists had been subject to all kinds of processes and environments that produced energies with elements not conducive to the body. For a start, they were cultivated in bulk using automation, and were also exposed to pollutants from the soil, agricultural fertilizers and the air around. These influences first had to be eradicated to ensure that the essences were pure and, this done, the flowers were tested to see how potent their essences were, and whether or not they would be of use in treating people. If the results were positive, he would gradually introduce these pure essences into the electro-magnetic field of the patient, in order to bring equilibrium to their energy frequencies.

In the process of studying fresh flower treatments, Master Chi-ming developed the “Life Electro-magnetic Energy Device”, complete with energy fields using crystals and the traditional Chinese principles of five elements and the pa kua eight diagrams, which could be used to modify the flower essences and make them more effective in treating the human body. The patient would simply need to hold the bronze baton in their hands, and the flower energy would merge with the magnetic field created by the crystals, entering the body through the meridian points on the hands, and permeating the cells throughout the body. This, then, would achieve a balance in the patient’s frequencies.

Flower essences proved to be more effective in treating ailments that either medicinal herbs or minerals. Master Chi-ming discovered that the majority of patients seeking treatments using flower essences were suffering from long-term emotional disorders with symptoms such as headaches, a feeling of tiredness, trouble sleeping, muscular tension, stomach aches and imbalances in the endocrine system brought on by extended periods of negative psychological stress, and that their conditions had developed into chronic or difficult to treat illnesses. They had tried everything they could to cure their ailments, finally turning to natural remedies. Flower essence treatments opened up a whole new life for these people, and relieved the emotional stress that they had labored under for so long. This also meant that the resultant physical problems that this emotional stress had given rise to were also relieved.

After studying the flower essence treatments for over a year, accumulating a number of case studies and a wealth of clinical experience in the subject, Master Chi-ming had established a considerable amount of understanding of the method. Firstly, these essences were living, and once in the body they could interact with the body’s own energies, getting rid of the impurities therein. As a result, the same flower may well have different effects from one individual to the next, as it might interact at, and produce changes in, different levels of mind or spirit. This was affected by the patient’s own level of spiritual awareness, and their level of contact with their spirituality.

Master Chi-ming is the first practitioner in Taiwan to actually apply fresh flower essence remedies in clinical treatments, to cure people’s emotional disorders and improve the effectiveness of treatments. As such, he can be considered a true pioneer in this field in Taiwan.

It was because of clinical treatments using flower essences that Master Chi-ming first became interested in the study of plant essences, and set him on the path of seriously researching the profound secrets of the energies in the vast cosmos. He has applied all of the cosmic energies that have positive effects on human beings in his treatments of illnesses and in helping people get more from their everyday lives, on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. With these energies, people can return to nature, attain full self-awareness, and be able to see their true selves. 

The speed and effectiveness of flower remedies are quite spectacular, but supplies of flowers available on the market are limited by factors such as the season, the environment, and the individuals who produce them. Furthermore, their effects are not very long lasting. Master Chi-ming started to look into alternatives, substitutes to enable him to make better, more effective remedies.

A comprehensive survey of traditional Chinese medical literature revealed that Chinese medicine had for some time used flowers such as the lotus, the rose, and jasmine to make flower preparations, but the little information on these available mostly referred to the chemistry of the medical effects resulting from their use. In the end, he turned to the work of the British physician Dr. Edward Bach whom, he discovered, had previously done a lot of work on flower essences as remedies for ailments. These essences, however, not only could be produced in bulk, they could be kept for long periods of time. Also, they were stored in bottles, and as such could be used when and where the situation demanded it. This prompted Master Chi-ming to embark on a study of how to produce flower essence remedy preparations.

Sources were scarce, but he learned that Dr. Bach’s method for producing these essences was to put the flowers in a glass bowl of water and leave them in the sun for a few hours. Master Chi-ming didn’t think that it could be all that simple, however, and there were no detailed instructions on how exactly the energy field of the flowers was transmitted into the water. This was the crucial element, impossible to articulate through either writing or speech.

In order to find the best way to transfer the flower essence energy into the water, and to store it there, he spent time meditating on the problem. He also went into the mountains to learn about the environment in which the flowers were growing, including the soil and water, the climate, the local geography, and human influence, seeing how these interacted with and affected the flowers and plants. He experienced for himself the environment in which the flowers and plants existed. Finally, he came to understand the secrets of how the energies of the universe interacted, and how yin and yang energies transformed! He selected an auspicious time and went to the edge of a lotus pond, and tried to extract the flower essence of the lotus. As expected, he discovered that there was a field of cosmic energy connected to the energy being given off by the lotus. After he had extracted the energy from the flower, he found out which emotion it would resonate with. This is the beginnings of how Flower Essences of Taiwan came to be produced.

Master Chi-ming discovered that the curative effects of fresh flowers were simply cosmic energy transmitted through the flowers, which were, in effect, acting as antennae receiving and spreading the flower energies from the universe, through interaction with nature. This was the reason that the healing properties of the flowers were enhanced. This essence was not transferred into water, and neither could it be reproduced. As a result, he stopped using fresh flower essence treatments, and turned his attention to making preparations from plants found in Taiwan, recording the essential facts about Taiwanese plant life. This information was to be used to enhance the overall quality of people’s lives. This was, indeed, a Heaven-sent vocation! Master Chi-ming was able to receive the energy fields of flower essences, and use them to cure others who had been suffering with long-term emotional problems. It was his hope that this wonderful power could be used to improve the lot of all who live on this earth.

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