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Missionary of the Flower Essence Spirit Date:2012/6/11

When souls meet in the universe’s flower message realm
Discover a deeper, broader, more multi-faceted self

Where is the soul? After our eyes close, our mood is relaxed and our eyeballs, like small balloons, gradually fill with qi. This qi dissolves, like our general, flowing consciousness, and slowly washes out of our minds. A rich picture of the soul is a sea of consciousness, concealing deeply an extremely private healing energy given by God to every “me.” Flowers, like a key to the heart, switch off restlessness in the heart and dispatch the blessing force of Mother Nature, through the warm energy that the sun gives to them, leading into the river of the subconscious. The two hands are in practice the eyes of the soul leading ahead, offering wisdom, courage and love, guiding the body and proceeding step by step in a carefree manner, to experience contemplation of the mysteries of life with each step, each advance.  Walk well a spiritual river, stretching from the beginning of “my” life, ending in the place of love’s light.

Master Chiu-Min Chang

Narrative│Master Chi-Ming Chen    Textual arrangement│Editorial office

The structures of things as fine as molecules, people and animals, plants and all living things actually do not differ. It’s only the structure of life that is different. Amongst all these things, it is flowers that are the most beautiful and touching, selflessly devoted to passing on love.  Flowers are the healing energy of the natural world, opening up links between us and nature. In the structure of human life there are naturally tangible cell structures, as well as intangible positive or negative energy. How to let the structures of life open freely, establish contact and connect is an issue that we study throughout our lives. As life lives its course, whatever we want to walk out of or walk into, what we want to experience from the Missionary of the Flower Essence Spirit course, is what it is like.

I’ve learnt a lot from Mother Nature; like seeds, be they on trees or growing in the ground, need only get ripe before they will bravely fly around everywhere and become plants, not like people. We always say it’s all because mother didn’t give me enough love or father wasn’t nice enough, or somebody else didn’t look after me that I’m like this or that today.  Life is a matter of the self; it is ourselves alone who should shoulder full responsibility for it. A seed, for example, never needs to be cared for. They might fall anywhere and may have to endure wind and rain, even being washed away by heavy rain, and struggle hard to insert themselves in stable foundations, but they always, at all costs, grow themselves. By studying the spirit of the tiny seed, can we take responsibility for ourselves whatever the plight we find ourselves in and completely live as ourselves; learn from the essence of life to grow our true self?

Learn from Mother Nature and experience life as it takes its course.

From the external perspective of the missionary of the flower essence spirit, he walks with two feet. From the internal perspective, however, he walks into the soul. Every time we choose a kind of flower, walk into the flower message realm, from the life structures of different flowers, we recognize him, and at the same time recognize ourself, returning to the essence of our life and the resonance of love. 

When the soul travels, we are quiet throughout. When language calms down, the heart settles and becomes clear and bright. When we have no language, we no longer whisper inside, interfering with the mutual transmission of messages, but, conversely, clearly see the facial expressions and limb postures of others. Inwardly, amid the calm, we see our own heart and are conscious of the postures of our own limbs. The movement of limbs is different from language. It directly transmits our innermost thoughts and feelings, not concealing them at all, often, unlike language, causing considerable chaos.

The universal energy resonance bowl: connects to the dimension of the inner soul and calms a radiant heart

The resonance of the sound of the universe’s energy bowl is the universe’s magnetic wave. The impact on us of sound waves is greater than we imagine, just as when we hear somebody else speak it’s not just our ears that hear; the cells up and down our entire body are recording the message of the sound waves. The sounds of Mother Nature or the universe, moreover, were recorded in our bodies from the outset.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US emitted a sound in the universe and a few years later it was received on earth. Sound will exist in a certain time and space. Each phrase that we utter will remain within time and space, so we really should pay attention to this. 

I research messages, so I know the frequency of bowls, the frequency of cells and the frequency of the sounds of the universe, and how to use the frequency on which bowl sounds resonate in the universe to enter the cells of the human body and achieve harmony among frequencies.  Many media can use this. If you’ve seen the film The Story of the Weeping Camel, for example, you’ll know that the morin khuur (a Mongolian stringed instrument) which appears in it is the resonating medium with the optimal frequency; on the battlefield it adopts the sound of a drum because the drum sound resonates with the kidneys, causing a surge in adrenaline and hence in morale. The universe’s energy bowl enables us to meditate in harmony, to connect the innate spiritual dimension, innately appearing spiritual images. We create a picture of it and our picture carries the unique message of our soul.  

Look inward and draw a picture: the feelings of the inner heart transmit a message from the inner self

There is a significant feature of looking inward and drawing a picture, which is that one transmits a message onto paper by means of one's brush and one’s hands. This process lets everyone understand that messages can be transmitted. We often mention “messages” but we can’t see them with the naked eye, much less touch them. Through looking inward, however, and drawing a picture, everyone can understand that messages can be transmitted via media.

In conveying the image of the heart, everyone is slightly different. Some people can, through the paint brush, paint completely the inner feeling that appears in their heart. There are some people for whom the impression in the heart is very clear but very different from what they depict. There are others for whom there is no picture, but who, by means of their imagination, paint the feeling of their inner heart. Some people paint very simply. Others paint very intricately. Some produce simply colored work, while others use rich colors. Some use lithe and graceful strokes, while others adopt rich, dense strokes. How we transmit our true inner message all comes down to our own unique means of expression.

Transform light into the language of the soul and transmit with your hands a picture bearing a likeness

Most students of math, after hearing the sound of the bowl, calmly enter their heart, experience the appearance of the light of the picture of their inner soul and immediately paint that light.  In fact, we can further digest the experience given to us by this light and transform it into the language of the soul, and later transmit with our hands a picture bearing a likeness. In this way the picture brims with the one and only message from the heart.

Everybody’s work is unique. There is no right or wrong, beautiful or not beautiful. In the production process the concepts or ideas that present themselves in your mind are the most authentic manifestation of you. By recording them in a detailed and accurate manner, you will understand yourself better. Sharing is also a form of healing. In group therapy, if one is able to express one’s inner feelings, healing occurs more naturally.

Walk into the world on your own two feet and allow your inner strength to grow

Master Qiu Min says our two feet represent the self at the moment it enters the world on behalf of others. The inner self, moreover, has unlimited space, unlimited imagination, and a mind that is infinite. This unlimited self, however, must come down to earth in order to be realized, because right now we are mortals so we must walk among mortals. In the past there were also students who, when participating in classes, would not want to leave any class, preferring to stay where they were. We can understand that it was because they wanted to remain in a certain (perhaps splendid) situation, but this kind of world is a weak one. Only when one walks into the world on one’s own two feet will one’s strength truly grow.

In long-term use of flower essences, the inner soul needs deep, rapid and sustained transformational assistance! This course was especially established for flower lovers who wish to explore the self deeply!The energy gyrated by the Missionary of the Flower Essence Spirit course enables the thoughts and feelings of our soul to be realized and seen by ourselves, as we practice what we preach.

Between each breath we take we enter a space-time combination of the past, the present and the future, experience the existence of the true “self,”and grasp the wisdom of life.

Just as a senior flower lover has shared: Every moment, we encounter in the flower realm, entering the inner spiritual domain, walking with concentration, strongly extending both hands, the light of life, growing from within. Every moment, flower essences resonate with different aspects of life, guiding the long river that transcends life: an exploration of familiar aspects in different space-time. As we travel and encounter our inner self, the injuries of the past are  healed, we suddenly see the spiritual light of joy, and with the inner heart at its most serene we can see the truth behind what happens in life, which is barely affected by changes in our mood.  or within specific boundaries, a perceived life situation, will not be transferred. This belief and peace of mind will give back to life a future with a rich supply of toughness and abundant reserves of strength.


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